Classes Appropriate for Newbies to Experts

Group Fitness, Grappling & Striking classes & workouts for the whole family… from inexperienced first timers to ambitious competitors.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a self-defence martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds. BJJ focuses on the skill of taking an opponent to the ground, controlling one’s opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using a number of techniques to force them into submission via joint locks or strangleholds. BJJ was developed from traditional Judo by the Gracie family in Brazil and eventually came to be its own defined combat sport through the innovations, practices, and adaptation of Gracie jiu-jitsu and Judo. It is an essential martial art for modern MMA. BJJ revolves around the concept, taken from traditional Japanese jūjutsu, that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using leverage and weight distribution, taking the fight to the ground and using a number of holds and submissions to defeat them. BJJ training can be used for sport grappling and self-defense situations.[3] Sparring, commonly referred to as “rolling” within the BJJ community, and live drilling plays a major role in training and the practitioner’s development. BJJ can also be used as a method of promoting physical fitness, building character, and as a way of life. Governing bodies such as the IBJJF work worldwide, and set the rules and standards to be held in sport BJJ competitions Academix Academy is a proud member of the Jiu Jitsu For Life Team under Professor Jorge Britto with a clear legacy to the very origins of BJJ: Carlos & Helio Gracie > Royler Gracie > Saulo Ribeiro/Vini Aieta > Jorge Britto.


Striking culture at Academix Academy is based largely on Traditional North American Boxing and Muay Thai disciplines.

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves and other protective equipment such as hand wraps and mouth guards, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring.

Muay Thai, sometimes referred to as Thai boxing, is a combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This discipline is known as the “art of eight limbs”, as it is characterised by the
combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.

Our coaching team and members have experience with Boxing Ontario in both coaching and competitor roles and we enjoy a similar history in competitive Muay Thai.

Academix Academy Coaches have certifications and active status with Boxing Ontario & Muay Thai Ontario and as such we are able to not only host sanctioned Boxing events, our members are able to compete in sanctioned Boxing and Kickboxing events across the country.

The rigorous training involved in these sports is second to none when it comes to athletic conditioning, making our striking classes unmatched Strength & Conditioning workouts and that are incredibly stimulating and fun for
participants of all ages and ambitions.


Made famous by the launch of the UFC by the Gracie Family in 1993, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) provided an opportunity for the blending of different disciplines in a competitive arena.

MMA training at Academix melds Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing together for fun and rigorous training sessions that are both physically and mentally challenging while participants learn how to merge stand-up and ground fighting in a safe, controlled environment suitable for all ages and ambition levels.


Based on HIIT methodology, leveraging movements relative to our core combat sport disciplines, Academix FightFit45 and Fit45 group fitness programming offers members structured, consistent morning workout options that will position them for the movement and strength needs required to maintain health well into their Golden Years.

FightFit45 sessions are striking heavy… 1/3rd of the 45 minutes on the mats will be spent on heavy bags or padwork with the coach on duty and the rest of the workout will comprise of simple movements with quality, modern strength and conditioning tools and a few twists unique to the world of combat sports. Participants can expect to swing some kettlebells, work with Bulgarian bags and throw the grappling dummy around as but a few examples of the many movements that make up our FightFit45 workout toolbox.

Fit45 sessions are strength focussed… with little to no striking or heavy bag work these sessions are spent with a well-rounded mix of movements designed to help participants maintain and improve their strength, flexibility agility & overall conditioning.

EMS Training with XBody

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training is an active, full-body strength workout that uses a wireless device to stimulate muscle fibres while you perform simple, low-weight lifting movements, making muscle tissue work harder and more effectively while applying little to no pressure on your joints and skeletal system.

In standard load-based strength training, our brain sends impulses that stimulate the muscles to contract – but humans don’t have great connections between the brain and muscle fibres… we get conditioned to activating only a small percentage of the bodies muscle fibres regularly.

Unlike regular workouts, EMS Training stimulates 100% of your bodies major muscle fibres. This also helps build the nerve connections between the brain and the muscles – this way even the weak connections get activated.

Furthermore, EMS Training activates the muscle fibers in irregular order resulting in a more intense muscle contraction, which creates more muscle fibre – FASTER, while eliminating the joint and skeletal stress that traditional lifting imposes.

Is it easy? No… it requires a hard focus and committed effort.

Is it easier on the body? ABSOLUTELY; making it an incredibly effective strength training option for individuals wishing to eliminate stress on their knees, shoulders, back and other load bearing joints.